API UI Interface

https://api.nuubit.com/ is Swagger UI for the nuu:bit APIs. Swagger UI is a simple yet powerful representation of the nuu:bit APIs. The representation provides documentation as well as the ability to test the APIs from the UI.  

API documentation

The interface allows each API operation to be expanded to show the response object model and schema as well as the input parameters model and schema. 

Testing APIs

To test a given API, enter the API key and click "Authenticate" button.  




Choose an API and expand the API operation.  If the API is just a basic GET (without any additional parameters), clicking "Try it out!" will execute the API request. Please find the following example of GET /v1/domain_configs (it will return a list of registered web resources).



If the API uses a POST or a PUT, the JSON can be entered into the body field in the parameters section. Please find the following example for the /v1/purge POST.





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