iOS SDK Quick Start Guide

The SDK can be found here:

Self Service Signup:


The goal of this document is for the user to get the nuu:bit iOS SDK functional quickly. The figure below is a high level diagram of the work flow:




Before starting we highly recommend to review the SDK F.A.Q. article.


Step 1 - Sign in to the nuu:bit portal ( using your existing nuu:bit portal credentials.


Step 2 - Select the "Mobile Apps" tab from the top of the portal page.  Choose the operating system from the left of the column (currently only iOS SDK is provided/supported).


Step 3 - Select Add new app button:


Step 4 - Enter the App name - in this example below, the App is called “MyExampleApp”:


Step 5 - Once the App is registered on the nuu:bit Platform, use the “Create App” button.

Step 6 - The newly added App should appear in the iOS Apps List.   


Step 7 - Access the SDK key by clicking on the eye icon.  This will reveal the SDK key that will be used in the mobile App to initialize the nuu:bit SDK code.



Step 8 - The "RevSDK.framework" package *must* be copied in to the Application folder.


Step 9 - Open project in XCode. If the project is a Swift environment, please go to the following step by step guide here.


Step 10 - Open General Tab


Step 11 - Go to "Linked Frameworks and Libraries" - press "+" and "Add other..."


Step 12 - Navigate to RevSDK.framework location -> Press 'Open'


Step 13 - Go to "Embedded Binaries" - press "+" and "Add other..."


Step 14 - Navigate to RevSDK.framework location -> Press 'Open'



(you may get "Reason: image not found" linker error if you skip steps 13 & 14)


Step 15 -  For Objective C to initialize the SDK, the following two lines will need to be added to the mobile application code.

#import <RevSDK/RevSDK.h>
[RevSDK startWithSDKKey:@"563c50ed-0e66-4a67-871d-1114b848bbb"];


Step 16 - Compile and deploy the mobile application.


Step 17 (Optional) - Perform a fine-tuning of the SDK configuration for the app. Please see “SDK Configuration Guide” for details.


Step 18 - Use the “Mobile Analytics” section in the nuu:bit customer portal to analyze the app data transfers and user base parameters.


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