Management Of API Keys

API keys are required to programmatically access nuu:bit customer API functions from your application, and to perform actions like management of provisioned web domains and mobile applications, retrieval of traffic analytic reports, management of users, permissions, etc.

Please see for nuu:bit API specification.

Note: Registered API keys should be treated with high-security considerations. API keys are used to identify a user or request, to track and control how the API is being used. Several API keys can be created for a single account. This is important for key rotation strategies, i.e. adding a new key or removing keys if you think one might have been compromised.

To manage API keys click the API Keys link in the left menu.

Managing accounts begins with the API Keys list similar to one shown in the figure below.


Using controls in this list you can add, edit and delete API keys.

Creating an API Key

To create an API key, click the Add new API Key button above the API Keys list.


Once you’ve added the API Key item, please fill out the essential information by clicking the Edit API Key ‘pencil’ icon as displayed in the figure below (see more details in the Editing an API Key section).

Please note that the newly created item is Active by default, you can amend its status by ticking the checkbox control.


Editing an API Key

Once you’ve clicked the ‘pencil’ control against the corresponding API Key, the Edit API Key page will appear and contain the following attributes:


You can choose the desired API Key name by typing it in the corresponding text field.

Checking the Active checkbox makes the user able to log in to the system using the given API Key. The Read Only checkbox opens read access and disable any updates.

You can also select all the available and necessary domains in the autocomplete Managed Domains field.

To save changes to the API Key, click the Update button. To return to the API Keys list without changes, click the Cancel button.


Deleting an API Key

To remove an API Key, click the Delete API Key icon against the corresponding item.


A prompt shown in the figure below will require you to confirm your decision.


Note: Please be aware that deleting an API key may cause customer application interruption if it’s using the removed API key.


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