Web Cookies

By default when the nuu:bit proxy caches an object, there is a list of conditions that must be met. One of these conditions is that the browser doesn’t send any cookies with the request and the origin doesn’t set any cookies in the response. 

The issue with cookies is that browsers send the domain cookies as part of every request for a resource, regardless of type. This includes HTML pages and images. However, this behavior can be changed.

Cookies define the behavior of the edge cache. It’s therefore, possible to ignore some or all of the cookies sent by the browser as part of the request, as well as strip some or all cookies from the response.

To work around this issue, you need to have knowledge about the site structure. You will need to include in the caching rules which objects are cacheable and for how long, even if the origin does not identify them as cacheable. You will also need to identify which objects are dynamically generated and which ones require cookies to generate the resource.

For the available parameters to define the cookie behavior, go to Caching Rules Parameters.

For cookie configuration examples, go to Caching Rules Examples.

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