Caching Rule Structure

Below is the template used for the caching rule structure. The default rule (**) is visible if you want to edit the caching rule configuration. Visit Caching Rules for more information. 

    "version": 2,
    "url": {
        "is_wildcard": true,
        "value": "url_string"
    "edge_caching": {
        "override_origin": true,
        "override_no_cc": false,
        "new_ttl": 300,
        "query_string_keep_or_remove_list": ["list", "of", "querystring", "parameters", "to", "keep", "or", "ignore"],
        "query_string_list_is_keep": false
    "browser_caching": {
        "override_edge": true,
        "new_ttl": 400,
        "force_revalidate": true
    "cookies": {
        "override": true,
        "remove_ignored_from_request": false,
        "remove_ignored_from_response": false,
        "ignore_all": false,
        "list_is_keep": true,
        "keep_or_ignore_list": [


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