Product Terms and Definitions for the nuu:bit Platform




95/5 percentile 

a traffic billing method used by Internet transit providers–see for details

browser proxy (BP)

nuu:bit proxy located close to end users (last mile proxy) and performing HTTP proxy and object caching functionality

cache, cache proxy

a nuu:bit server (like BP) providing object caching functionality

cache hit

a cache hit occurs when the requested data can be found in a cache, while a cache miss occurs when it cannot

cache Time-To-Live (TTL)

how long a cached object is considered to be “fresh” and can be used/served without a revalidation

content optimizer (CO)

nuu:bit proxy located close to customer origin servers (first mile proxy) and performing HTTP proxy and content optimization functions

core site

a nuu:bit site hosting nuu:bit management services like customer portal, databases, monitoring, management tools, etc

customer API, API

nuu:bit customer API application designed to provide programmable access to nuu:bit configuration management and traffic reporting functionality

customer origin, customer origin web server, origin web server (OWS)

a web server managed by a nuu:bit customer and used to host/generate content served by the nuu:bit platform

customer portal (CP)

nuu:bit customer portal application designed to provide configuration management and traffic reporting functionality to nuu:bit customers

disaster recovery (DR)

disaster recovery (site)–secondary nuu:bit core site

Dynamically Optimized Transport System (DOTS)

nuu:bit proprietary TCP congestion protocol compatible with standard TCP implementations

edge site, edge server

a nuu:bit site/server located close to end users and hosting nuu:bit BP/CO proxy servers

first mile (FM)

the Internet network part from customer origin websites to the closest nuu:bit edge servers

GB Transfer (GBT)

a traffic billing method primary used for cloud services

HyperDrive (HD)

nuu:bit proprietary technology for data communication between nuu:bit first and last mile servers

last mile (LM)

the Internet network part from end users (cable/ADSL/mobile/Wifi) to the closest nuu:bit edge servers

middle mile (MM)

the Internet network part between nuu:bit edge servers serving an end user request

Mobile Acceleration Platform (MAP)

nuu:bit’s proprietary solution for acceleration of content delivery for mobile apps and web properties

object invalidation

forced TTL expiration for a cache object, so on the request for the object a proxy will need to revalidate it with the customer origin server

object purge, object flush

removal of a customer-specified object from nuu:bit cache servers

object Time-To-Live (TTL)

can be applied to DNS, edge and browser object caching

object, web object

 a web file pointed by an unique URL

page view

download of a full web page including all objects that construct the page

proxy, proxy server

a nuu:bit server serving HTTP and NMP requests for end users

real user monitoring (RUM)

passively monitors and collects data from users to give insight into a website performance

real user monitoring (RUM) analytics

analysis and reports from the RUM

request, hit

request or hit is the same thing

request per second (RPS)

the number of requests or hits per second

nuu:bit Mobile Protocol (NMP)

nuu:bit proprietary data transfer protocol optimized for wireless last-mile and used between SDK-enabled mobile apps and nuu:bit edge proxy servers

third-party object

any web object on a web page not served from nuu:bit or customer web origin

Time To First Byte (TTFB) or First Byte Time (FBT)

see for details 

Varnish Configuration Language (VCL)

see for details

Virtual CDN (VCDN)

a nuu:bit functionality which allows to provision, manage and serve nuu:bit customers on a subset of nuu:bit production servers

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