Customer API Authentication

For API authentication, we support key authentication. API keys can be added using the nuu:bit portal. Under Admin and API Keys, a new key can be generated. The API request is secure since all communication with the nuu:bit API service happens over SSL/HTTPS.

Different permissions can be set on the API key.  The permissions are Read, Modify, Delete, Purge, Reports and Admin.  



Please find the following example for using the nuu:bit API on the command line using CURL.

Syntax<API Path>


$ curl  -H "Accept: application/json" \
-H "Authorization:X-API-KEY 32fbd222-3333-1234-abcd-044556677788"



If you're sending too many requests, too quickly, you will receive a 503 error code (server unavailable). There is a limit of 5000 requests per hour.


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