Caching Rules

A caching rule is a set of parameters that changes the caching behavior of one or more URLs that match a pattern.  The caching rule is specified either as a wildcard or a Perl-compatible regular expression. 

This section provides basic information to users who need to configure caching rules for nuu:bit edge proxies. To configure caching rules, you need to be logged into the nuu:bit Customer Portal as an Admin or as a user with configure privileges.

To modify the configuration rules:

  1. Log into the nuu:bit Portal. 
  2. On the Web menu, click Domains in the side menu.                    WebDomains.png
  3. Next to the domain that you want to edit the caching rules, click the Pencil icon and then the Advanced mode button.                                                                                           EditDomain2.png EditDomainAdvancedMode.png

You will see in the GUI either the default caching configuration in JSON for a domain with no prior caching configuration or the present caching configuration.

  1.  When you complete your editing, click Update.

After reviewing the following articles about object caching rules in nuu:bit, access the nuu:bit Customer Portal to modify the default (or previous) configurations. 

Refer to the following for the regular syntax expressions:

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