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Here are some frequently asked questions about nuu:bit's platform:

Q. My web application has some long running processes (like generation of a large reports) and it takes a lot of time for my server to complete such requests. As the result I'm receiving timeout errors from your CDN servers. What's the default data read timeout and how can I change it?

A. Our default data read timeout is 20 seconds and it can be changed on "General Settings" domain configuration tab (field "Data Read Timeout").


Q. My website is using a "naked" domain (an Internet domain name without the "www" or any other subdomains. For example, nuubit.com is a naked domain but www.nuubit.com is not, because it contains the www subdomain). Can you handle such domains?

A. Yes, we can handle a "naked" domain but you will need to migrate the DNS domain to our platform (powered by our DNS partner NS1). You can find instructions on how to migrate a DNS Zone to nuu:bit on the following page - How To Migrate A DNS Zone To nuu:bit


Q. How can I test my domain and SSL configuration changes before they are applied to my production configuration (and potentially negative affecting my end-users)? Do you have any kind of development/testing environment?

A. We utilize the concept of so-called "staging" environment where your modified configuration is sent when you click on "Update" button (instead of "Publish" button). Please see portal page "Web -> Staging Env." for details how to use the staging environment.


Q. I'm a running an SSL security scan on my website served by your platform and it complains that the website is using weak SSL ciphers. Why do I see the problem and how to fix this?

A. Nowadays the majority of websites are using SSL primarily to benefit from HTTP2 performance improvements (and HTTP2 is working only over SSL sessions) and not really to protect sensitive information. Our default SSL settings are pretty relaxing allowing for SSL ciphers which are not very secure but providing very quick SSL communication. We recommend to use our default SSL settings if your website is not processing payment details or handling other sensitive information. In our customer portal you can always enforce more stringent SSL protocols and ciphers by selecting "Custom SSL Configuration Profile" option on "SSL Configuration" tab of domain configuration screen.

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