Log Shipping Record Attributes

When shipping nuu:bit domain logs to a customer-defined location (like S3 bucket or SFTP server) the following attributes (fields) are included in every shipped record:

Field name Description Example of field value
 _id Unique ID of the record "598a7f803edd55c777fdf81d"
host nuu:bit's edge server which served the request "VIE02-BP06.REVSW.NET"
@timestamp Request completion time (in UTC time zone) "2017-08-09T03:20:18.000Z"
unixtime Request completion time in timestamp format 1502248818.853
domain The domain name of served HTTP request "www.example.com"
ipport nuu:bit edge TCP/IP port used to serve the request "80" for HTTP requests, "443" for HTTPS requests
response HTTP response status code "200"
request The path part of the request URL (without the protocol prefix and domain name) "/image.jpg"
s_bytes Total number of bytes (header+body) sent from the nuu:bit edge proxy to end user 12363
s_body_bytes The size of response's body in bytes 12014
r_bytes Total number of bytes (header+body) received from end user to the the nuu:bit edge proxy 321
method HTTP request method "GET"
conn_status The request completion status (as detected by the edge proxy) "OK" for requests (objects) which the proxy managed to successfully sent to end user, empty string ("") for failed transmissions
KA The number of requests handled on the same HTTP keep-alive'd connection "1" if this is the first request served on a connection; "4" if this is the 4th served requests
FBT_mu First Byte Time (FBT) in microseconds as measured by the edge proxy. For cache hits the timer represent the time it took to fetch the object from memory or disk cache, for cache misses the timer reports how long it took to pull the object from the origin or nuu:bit secondary cache. Normally "0" for cache hits; a number like "123423" (in microseconds) translates to 123.423 ms.
referer The value of "Referer" HTTP request header  "https://www.example.com"
cache Edge cache hit/miss status "HIT" for cache hits, "MISS" for cache misses
agent The value of "User-Agent" HTTP request header "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_7_4) AppleWebKit/534.56.5 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/unknown"
cont_type The value of "Content-Type" HTTP response header "image/jpeg"
quic The field reports whether QUIC protocol was used to serve the request "QUIC" if the request was served using QUIC protocol, "-" if otherwise
http2 The field reports which HTTP2 protocol was used to serve the request Empty string ("") if the request was not served using HTTP2, "h2" for HTTP2 protocol, "h2c" for HTTP2 cleartext protocol
clientip End user's IP address  ""
duration Time in seconds it took for end user to download the requested object "0.212"
upstream_time Time in seconds it took for the edge proxy to pull the requested object from the origin server or secondary level cache "0.002"
ie_format_o Original image format before it was processed by Image Optimization engine "png"
ie_format Resulting image format after it was processed by Image Optimization engine "webp"
ie_bytes_o Original image size in bytes before it was processed by Image Optimization engine "1243"
ie_res_o Original image resolution in pixel before it was processed by Image Optimization engine "512x320"
ie_res Resulting image resolution in pixel after it was processed by Image Optimization engine "512x320"











































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