Xamarin Android Quick Start Guide

1.  Download the "nuubit.SDK" NuGet package from nuget.org or run the following command in the Package Manager Console: Install-Package nuubit.SDK.  An additional method is to download "Nuu:bit Mobile SDK" Xamarin component from Xamarin Component Store and add it to your Xamarin.iOS project.

If you are using Xamarin.Forms - add the package to portable and to platform-specific projects.

References to one assembly will be added: Nuubit.SDK 

2. Register the App on https://portal.nuubit.net to get the SDK key 

Add the key to AndroidManifest.xml inside application tag:

<application android:icon="@drawable/icon" android:label="Test">
<meta-data android:name="com.nuubit.key" android:value="REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_SDK_KEY" />

 3. Create custom application class in Android App project that inherits from Com.Nuubit.Sdk.NuubitApplication:

class MainApplication : Com.Nuubit.Sdk.NuubitApplication
        public MainApplication(IntPtr handle, JniHandleOwnership transfer)
           : base(handle, transfer)

        public override void OnCreate()


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